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Sunday, 5 June 2011

A couple of poems

I've not been writing much in the way of short stories recently -whether this is due to a lack of time, the absence of inspiration or sheer laziness isn't quite clear.... Probably a combination of all of the above.

I have however written a number of poems for writing group tasks - here's a couple which were inspired by the topics 'Before and After' and 'Invisible'.


The sun shone down
In an illusion of summer
A cool coastal breeze caressing bare arms
Palm to palm, fingers fused
No words.

Silent communication
From smile to smile
Knowledge shared, perfect understanding
This is it, you, me, us
Airplane trails in the sky
The distant sound of children’s laughter
A discordant ice cream symphony
Other lives, other worlds
Spinning round
But I am here with you
In this time, in this place
Cocooned in the safety of impenetrable belonging
In your certain presence

In your certain love
Nothing can touch me
As a handful of ash
Thrown to the wind
Questioning all I held true
Alone in thoughts I stumble through
Where did it go
That faith once held
The certainty of the seasons
Rebirth, light, life; consumed
by endless winter
Separate souls spiral
In opposite directions
No longer recognising myself
Through the fractured mirror
Mapped with cracks
The sun still shines down
An illusion of summer
The cruel April breeze stings as I see
Palm to palm, fingers fused
You and her


Futures mapped only upward
Or treading a steadfast linear path
Through a blinkered lens they do not see
The cracks in the pavement beneath

Or comprehend how easy it is to fall
To a place where neither routine nor ritual holds
The alarm clock without dominion
The night without comfort

Unseen, unrecognised
Hers is an inconsequential existence
Not observed, never documented
Days pass without words

On the town hall steps symmetrical smiles
Embrace the beginning of a journey
Wellwishers wave them off
To that uncertain destination

Unnoticed she glides between
Picks the confetti off the floor
Each scrap, each token placed
Into the crumpled carrier bag that swings from her arm
Next to yesterday’s news.