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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Halloween rhyme time

A Halloween special....

Goths must really hate Halloween
It surely cramps their style
Makes you wonder if it tempts them
To don colour for a while 

No point trying to intellectualise 
Quote Lovecraft, Stoker, Shelley,
When bats and cats and pointy hats
Are all over the telly

Otherwise sane individuals
For a few days decree it fun
To carve up shrivelled pumpkins
That they bought on two for one

And that old mantra stranger danger
For one night gets ignored
Criminal record? Whatever!
They've got sweet treats you could hoard!

Even Dracula would retreat to the grave
When the under ten's attack
Best to lock yourself safe indoors 
With a pint of cider and black

Goths must really hate Halloween
Begrudgingly resigned
To seeing all that they believe in
Be commercially undermined

Painters, poets, posers
Many suffer for their art 
But this saccharine Disney-fied dark side
Strikes terror in the blackest heart