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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

One of my weirder writing efforts.....

A while back our Leeds Savages writing group meeting somehow descended into a conversation around Lionel Richie and his (frankly legendary) video for 'Hello'. If you haven't seen it, I implore you to visit you tube straight away to check it out - its a real tour de force, with the clay head being an artistic triumph, and the romantic arc up there with Shakespeare's finest.

Anyhow, following on from that particular session I decided, for reasons largely unknown, that I'd write something inspired by the great man himself. The theme for the next writing group meet was Endurance, and somehow I even managed to make it vaguely own topic. It also served as a leaving 'gift' for Glen, a much loved member of the group who has now left us to pursue a writing degree down in the sunny south. He'd probably have preferred chocolates but hey, it was more original!

Lyrical genius or a sign of madness? You decide.....

Ps - there are a whopping 58 Lionel Richie song titles in this poem - who knew he was so prolific?

Endurance (an ode to Lionel Richie)

At first she was just a Face in the crowd                                                  
An Ordinary Girl, a Wandering Stranger                                                  
And you were barely more than a boy
And happy to be a lone ranger
You were Running With the Night                                                                  
Life one long Outrageous dance                                                                    
All Night Long you'd go Round and Round                                                
If only you'd had the chance

Then that Ballerina Girl twirled into your path                                          
And suddenly, Nothing Else Matters                                                           
She's Amazing, The Only One, The Sun and the moon                          
And with  one Touch, every other dream shatters.                                
All that's gone before feels like Wasted Time                                           
But little do you know
That Love, Oh Love, is the hardest climb                                                    
And you've such a Long Long Way to Go                                                   

You Say I Do, dreaming of Endless Love                                                   
Proclaim, "Truly, Baby, This is Forever                                                     
This girl can Do it to me for Eternity                                                          
And I won't get bored, not ever
I want to Shout it to the world, how I'm Stuck on you                            
You're the Closest thing to heaven I know                                                
I've been Into you deep Forever and a day                                                
From the first moment that you said 'Hello'"                                             

Together you Keep on Dancing                                                                     
Still In Love with five years gone                                                                   
You might no longer be Up All Night                                                             
But your Love Canoe Sail's On                                                                     
It's not all Paradise but you both believe                                                    
That Love Will Conquer All                                                                              
It's a feat of endurance, climbing long and hard                                      
And you're determined not to fall

But Time brings Changes, and each Change makes                             
You begin to think again
Your Angel's halo is looking tarnished these days                                 
Is my destiny a ball and chain?                                                                     
Mid-life crisis, seven year itch, call it what you will                               
Your Lady has been nothing but good to you                                           
But you'd risk it all for one cheap thrill

She had no Reason to Believe                                                                            
That her man was anything but true
But Now You're Gone,  Nothing left to give                                                  
Time to Stand Down, bid Goodbye, shout F*** You!                                 
And now Cinderella goes Running Through the Night                              
Whilst You Are Truly alone - and it Serves You Right.                             

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